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*laughing in the distance*

Oh yeah, doodled myself on Sunday because I got really bored

Why do I always draw myself skinnier and prettier than I actually am

Doodlin the queen in class yo


"I need feminism because girls literally get demonized for liking pumpkin flavored things???? ok?????????????"

If this is legitimately one of your concerns while there are women in other parts of the world fighting for their lives and basic human rights then you seriously need to reevaluate why you are a feminist.

For some reason, when I learned about circumduction last chapter in bio, my first thought was someone screaming CIRCUMDUCTION while violently performing said action while running down a hallway or something???





You sing along to Panic At The Disco or you hop out of my car and walk

by Fall Out Boy

if you don’t understand why this is funny, I don’t think I can explain it to you. 

by Panic! At The Disco




This is so much better than any russian roulette or “poison cookie” analogy.


yeah good grades are cool and all but have you ever had a good night sleep


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single and ready 2 flamingle



I have bought photoshop and this is how I use it


My 4koma submissions for Kaipy’s Ace Attorney fanbook, Gyakuten Galaxy!

do you know how hard it was to not make a series of clapollo gags instead

That’s loving someone you can’t have. Except you can have them, but you just /feel/ inadequate. When in reality you’re hella and gorgeous and need to remember whO YOU ARE. YOU ARE A BRAVE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN WHO GON GET HER MAN.
ktabeau, when giving me a pep talk about guys (via kayy-dee) ←


continues to ignore responsibilities with video games